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5 Tips To Maintain Kids Sleep Routine




Making a fussy kid fall asleep might feel like a daunting task for most parents. Having them wind down might seem difficult if the child still has a lot of pent up energy or overly stimulated. As a parent, you might feel overwhelmed at the thought of having your child throw a tantrum every night, begging to stay up past their scheduled bedtime. This doesn’t have to happen all the time. There have been proven ways to help your child maintain a strict sleeping schedule to make them fall asleep. You need to first figure out what makes them stay up, why do they stay up and how to tackle that issue. Getting to the root cause is important if you want your child you fall asleep faster at the time you have fixed for them. Here are some ways you can maintain your kids sleeping routine.

Turn their room into a sleeping paradise.

Kids get highly wrung up with external stimuli. To ensure your child gets the best sleep they can get, you should take efforts to minimize the number of objects that may cause your child to stay up. You can check online for the best ways to change your kids room into something they would enjoy. Avoid placing electronics in their room, such as televisions and computers. Place reading lights at their desk and bedside table and avoid harsh, bright overhead lights in the room. Keep a storage container for all their playthings when not in use and stow them away somewhere where it is difficult for them to reach so that they do not end up continuing play time behind your back. Stay with them or talk to them till they drift away instead of leaving them in their room and thinking they will fall asleep. Engage in soothing bedtime stories or talk to them about their day till they tire themselves out. Soft soothing music can also help them sleep if needed. Place plenty of soft cushions and toys around them to make them more comfortable.

Change your child’s habits. [1]

Set up a proper sleep schedule. Keep a fixed time every night for when they have to pack up and rest. Avoid having them do anything that will stimulate them or keep them awake before their bedtime, such as playing video games or watching T.V. and give them at least half an hour to an hour to wind down and pack up their things. Keep a fixed pattern of when they should sleep and when they should wake. To track down the amount of time your child needs to sleep, you can use an online kids sleep calculator. With persistence, your child will automatically feel tired before their bedtime and will wake up well rested in the morning. Avoid giving them a heavy meal or anything with caffeine before bed.  If your child has a habit of taking a daytime nap but feels restless at night, avoid making them take naps and instead give them complete rest at night only. A safe sleeping environment is an ideal sleeping environment, so make sure that the windows and doors are secured before turning in. if your child is afraid of the dark, keep a night lamp nearby or stay with them till they fall asleep. Ensure that your child gets plenty of sunlight during the day so that they get some downtime at night.

Watch out for sleeping problems. [2]

Some children are very susceptible to unusual sleeping behaviors. If you feel or find out your child is having difficulties staying awake during the day or is crankier than usual, even when they hit the bed at the same time every night, it is worth a thorough investigation. Ask your child if he or she is having any sort of problems falling asleep. It could be something trivial such as nightmares or fear of the dark. Or it could be something more serious such as breathing troubles or sleepwalking. Below are some common sleeping disorders in children that you need to look out for.

  1. Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS)
  2. Sleeping troubles.
  3. Snoring
  4. Nightmares
  5. Night terrors
  6. Sleepwalking
  7. Bedwetting

If you find that your child is affected with any of the above, it is worth having a medical intervention. You can talk to your child’s pediatrician about any concerns or worries you have about your child’s sleeping habits to get to the root cause of the problem.

Change your child’s bedding.

If you suspect that your child is not getting comfortable in their bed, maybe it is time to change their bedding materials. You can check online to hunt for the best bedding that will suit your child’s needs and comfort. Nectar promises that their mattress and bedding solutions will make your child drift off peacefully to dreamland in no time. You can shop for their collection for state of the art mattresses, pillows, sheets, bed frames and foundations from their online or in person store. With over 3 years of development and expertise, and with over 100,000 happy customers, Nectar are the best in making all your bedding dreams come true. They even promise to have a 365 night free home trial, so if you’re not satisfied, you can give your mattress back without any extra cost. Plus, with free shipping and returns and unbeatable prices, you will not regret investing in their bedding solutions.

Work together as a team. [3]

Sleeping should be a family oriented activity. Get the whole family involved to help your child feel like they are not missing out on anything when they are asleep. More often, children want to spend the most of their waking time with their family and get involved in their activities. This way, you and your child will get the utmost rest and relaxation that you both need every night. Make this a habit even on weekends and holidays. If you are going to inculcate a new routine into your child’s sleep schedule, let your partner and other family members also know. It is very important for you and your child to feel as relaxed as possible before drifting off to sleep.



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