7 Fun Andaman Islands Facts You Didn’t Know About

7 Fun Andaman Islands Facts You Didn’t Know About

Life can get stressful very often. That is why we look for amazing getaways which are far from our everyday lives, work, school, and other obligations. These are the places where we can be ourselves, relax, recharge our batteries and have fun.

The Andaman Islands represent one such getaway. Known as glistening pearls among a mesmerizing sea of blue, these islands bring something fresh to the game. From perfectly white beaches, cultural life and museums to lush forests, fantastic bays, and mind-blowing scenery, these islands have it all if you’re looking for an Exciting Andaman adventure and at the same time tranquil vacation.

So, let’s take a look at some fun facts about these islands. Relax and read on!

Seven Facts About the Andaman Islands

Even though these islands aren’t as known as let’s say Paris, Venice or London, there so many interesting things that are tied up to this wonderful destination. Here we’ll list some of the most eye-catching ones.

A Wrong Time Zone

Did you know that the Andaman Islands are in the wrong time zone? That’s right; their time zone is two hours later than they really are. Let’s illustrate this; when the clock states 4 AM, it’s morning. Work begins at 6 AM, and by the time the hands of the clock point to 8 AM, it feels as if a good part of the day has already gone by.

Permission to Stay

When tourists arrive at the Andaman Islands, they’re given official permits to stay on the islands. It’s very important not to lose yours or somehow damage it. So, keep it handy and well-protected.

Watch Out for the Elephants

After all those great things we said about these islands, you haven’t heard everything. There’s a plethora of gorgeous flora and fauna – including elephants. These huge and fun creatures can be easily spotted on the islands, but don’t let the excitement overwhelm you. Why? It’s because these animals can be dangerous. Don’t worry, it’s nothing personal. It’s just that they won’t take notice of you.

Two Queues

If you’re boarding a ferry, you’ll see that there are two queues. They’re separated by gender – one for women and one for men. It’s said that the one for men is longer.

 A Mythological Name

Have you wondered where does the name come from? It’s believed that Lord Hanuman landed on the islands while he was going to Lanka. So, the word ‘Andaman’ is a word in the Malay language forthe Hindu mythological figure – Lord Hanuman.

The Largest Turtle

The biggest sea turtle is right here. It’s called the Leatherback (or Dermochelyscoriacea).
So Many Butterflies
Lots and lots of butterflies have come to the Andaman Islands from the other neighboring islands. So prepare your camera for some beautiful pictures.

In Conclusion…

The Andaman Islands are truly magical with a unique culture and tradition all on its own. So, what do you make of it all? Have you ever been there or do you plan to? Tell us all about that!


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