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All You Need To Know Before You Travel Pattaya



Bangkok to Pattaya

Thai Happy Taxi is the best private transportation service that can take you on that trip you are busy preparing for, all the way from Bangkok to Pattaya. The services that they provide are well recognized and their luxury comes in second to none. Their rates are absolutely affordable and their services includes taking your to all the major tourist locations. Thai Happy Taxi can take you on long journeys safely and soundly with all the comfort and luxury you need to have a relaxing ride. The Thai Happy Taxi has a pretty sleek private transfer service that is being recommended by their customers around the world. They do well in covering a wide range of locations including the Bangkok airport,Pattaya and HuaHin. You want an outline on the reasons to book a Thai Happy Taxi for your trip to Pattaya? Well I will let you in on the benefits attributed to this ride based off the reviews of happy customers.

Ready to go! Getting to Pattaya with Thai Happy Taxi

1. Easy Booking: I feel this is something that everyone loves; nobody is a fan of spending long hours trying to book a ride especially when there is no time to spare. Thai Happy Taxi makes booking easy for you on its online platform and another plus is that immediately after a successful booking, you can be sure to receive a confirmation.

2. Punctuality: Punctuality is not a very common virtue – we have all had those moments when we spend so much time waiting to be picked up by our driver. It can get super annoying and trust me when I say that I know the feeling, but with Thai Happy Taxi you can be sure that the driver would be there right when you need him to be. 

3. Friendly drivers: It is one thing to have a punctual driver and another to have a grumpy punctual driver. I mean what is the point of coming over to pick me early if you are just going to frown throughout the journey? – Thai Happy Taxi drivers are very friendly and receptive, an amazing combination for a jolly ride down to Pattaya.

4. Great driving: There are the drivers that make you feel like jumping out of the window in a bid to save your life, there are the drivers that make you feel like simply yanking your hair out with their sluggish driver and there are the Thai Happy Taxi drivers that drive to your taste. They know how to perfectly maneuver traffic and get you to your destination on time without getting any of these negative reactions out of you.

5. Great conditioning: The feeling of sweat rolling down your face and your back can be very discomforting especially when you find yourself stuck in traffic. You might even consider taking off your clothes out of irritation at some point and you will begin to crave cool air – on your trip to Pattaya from Bangkok, you will want a ride that will be heat free and Thai Happy Taxi just happens to be that ride. The air conditioning is simply remarkable, leaving your skin smooth and dry all through your ride.

6. Nice leather chairs: There is absolute comfort guaranteed when you take a ride with Thai Happy Taxi and this includes the comfortable leather chairs. You might be wondering what chairs have to do with making your ride comfortable but then think about it, you don’t want the trip to end with back ache now, do you?

7. Safety: You can be certain of a safe trip and this is in comparison with other Bangkok taxi services. It is great for your family trips and completely secure, you do not have to worry about accidents as the driving system is too careful to allow that to happen.

8. Neat ride: The vehicles provided are always neat and this is just to say that Thai Happy Taxi is all about looking out for your hygiene.
The goodness of Thai Happy Taxi is not in any being overestimated; it is as great as the public says it is. So for that trip you are planning from Bangkok to Pattaya, Thai Happy Taxi service will serve you well during your journey. Before going to Pattaya, you can select what car you want depending on the size of your family and it has been said severally that after making use of this taxi service once you will want to try it out a second time. If you were waiting before, you should wait no more – hurry over any book your ride!

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10 Cheapest Places To Travel in 2019




10 Cheapest Places To Travel in 2019

Travelling has always been a costly journey for most of the people around the world. Each and everyone loves to travel and explore but how many of us could actually afford it. It is important that everyone gets a chance to explore and see the beautiful side of the world. It is also a common scenario that frequent travellers too often hunt for affordable cheap places to travel and explore. The desire of travelling could not be resisted when you get to know the cheap places that are amazing to travel. There are many places that are quite expensive and only has been able to attract a niche market of travellers. But that’s alright, there are even better places that are cheap and good to keep your journey fascinating. Below are 10 cheapest places where you could visit in 2017.


Croatia is a lovely place to be at during your holiday getaway. Itsbreath taking views around the city with gives a worthy cause for visiting this place. Croatia is well known for yacht sailing. But yacht sailing is indeed an expensive adventure. You surely can go for something else to enjoy according to your limited budget in Croatia. You can easily rent a car in Croatia as it is extremely cheap. With this opportunity you could explore so many beautiful places in and out of Croatia.

Arizona, Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a really interesting place in Arizona. This nature friendly area will also give you the chance to view the canyons. You get to see the free flow waterfalls and the world’s longest natural bridge. Nature has its best of everything to offer you in Lake Powell. So you can bring along your friends and family and enjoy an unforgettable stay at Lake Powell, Arizona.

Camino de Santiago, Spain

If you are that adventurous traveller who loves to keep moving about it. This would be the perfect and unforgettable getaway. Camino de Santiago is a long trail walk which gets you to Europe. Many tourists come during summer to walk this trail with a big crowd enjoying every bit of it. Through out the journey, you will spot many restaurants and cafe and so much more entertaining spots along your walk. The restaurants, cafes and shopping spots are all reasonable and affordable for tourists to do their shopping and meals at a low cost.


When compared with the exchange rate of Barbados, it is much more favourable for users of US dollars. Therefore almost everything and anything in Barbados may seem cheap and fancy for you to purchase and explore. This spot in the Caribbean destination is a wonderful place for you to enjoy your holiday under the sun.

Toronto, Canada

You may find it hard to believe whether it’s true. Yes it is. Toronto is a destination that is affordable for tourists to enjoy their stay over here by experiencing and exploring every bit of Toronto. There are so many entertaining places to visit like the St Lawrence market, paying a visit to the historic district, enjoying the beach and so much more to do in this lovely city.


We all know England is a country that should not fit into this topic. But just visit the west of England and you would have a chance to explore Wales which is a beautiful destination for holiday makers to have the most of it. The Wales Coast path is open for adventurous people who love riding bikes and hiking all for free. There is so much more left in Wales for you to see along with a range of castles for you to learn and visit.

Brooklyn, New York

At summer, Brooklyn is the best place to be making the best of your holiday. Everything is easily found according to your desires with good food and shopping being available for you at a very reasonable and affordable cost. You do not necessarily have to visit the big hotels and restaurants but there is so many spots that offer you with super food that cost so little.

Southern France

This is an amazing place to be during your holiday. There is so much to do touringsouthernFrance which would never get you bord even a single day. Each and everyday you would have something new to explore and somewhere exciting to do. The popular spots where you could visit are the wine yards, castles, markets, cafes, street shopping, street food and warm and beautiful beaches at the Mediterranean. Southern France has its best of everything to offer you to make your vacation an unforgettable one.


This is another spectacular but adventurous place for memory makers to dig in and explore this marvellous place. The warm beaches that offer dust like shining sand, never gets tourist board.


Situated around the Baltics, this place makes it a perfect destination for holiday makers of all kind. Going single, couple, family or friends would offer you a different kind of experience from Latvia. Everything here is reasonable and affordable for you to enjoy the best of it. Travelling has never been a problem and you get good food to meet your taste buds almost everywhere.

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5 Reasons More Women Should Live in Hawaii




5 Reasons More Women Should Live in Hawaii

Living in a tropical destination with endless warmth may seem like a pipe dream for most women, especially if you live in the freezing cold temperatures of the North. However, moving to a tropical destination is a much more attainable goal than most women realize. Instead of seeing icicles outside on the bare tree branches outside your window, waking up to green palm trees and bright sunshine is achievable, especially in a place like Hawaii. We’re going to address some of the top reasons why women choose not to move to Hawaii and why every woman should.

Low Temperatures Are Actually High

This is the lowest temperature you might ever experience in Hawaii. If you’re like a lot of women, you probably get cold easily and literally freeze during the winter months. Imagine being comfortable in a t-shirt, in shorts or jeans and wearing flip flops in December? This lifestyle can be yours when you move to Hawaii.

Home Is Not that Far Away

Probably one of the most common reasons women don’t move to Hawaii is that they feel that it is too remote and that they will never see their family and friends. The thing about Hawaii is that your family and friends will most likely come to you. Since you’ll be living in a literal paradise, this is something we can almost guarantee!

You Can Use the Winter Months to Your Advantage

You may actually start to miss winter and if that is the case, you can actually take advantage of the winter months. Since the rest of North America will be craving Sunshine and beaches, you could easily put your home on a site like AirBnB from December to March while you get away with family and friends on a ski vacation. Since these months are Hawaii’s peak travel months, you could easily rake in some extra dough to pay for your vacation with some extra cash to spare.

The Cost of Living is Comparable to Most Major Cities

A lot of people complain that Hawaii’s cost of living is high, while it definitely isn’t the cheapest place to live, Hawaii is actually on par with major cities like New York in terms of cost of living. However, life is so much simpler in Hawaii which means there’s less emphasis on what you live in because you spend more time outside in nature than you do at home. In fact, even moving to Hawaii isn’t as expensive as most people think.

There Are Quite a Few Interesting Job Opportunities

Depending on what you’re into, there is a wealth of interesting opportunities available for women in Hawaii. It has a large and consistent tourism industry but if you’re looking for something beyond that, Hawaii’s unique environment and location is great for marine research, scientific research, and anything to do with the environment. It’s a great spot for entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to work remotely. There are also a lot of government jobs available in Hawaii. With a little bit of planning, a woman could easily live a carefree beach life in this beautiful state.

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How to Visit the Andaman Islands on a Budget




Andaman islands have become a very exciting location for people that love nature and exotic surroundings. With their long sandy beaches, crystal waters, and wild forests, these islands represent a sanctuary for adventurers from all over the world.

However, if they don’t know the real picture, people may consider these islands as extremely expensive. This is due to the fact that they are located as far as the Eastern Indian Ocean and are very remote. In fact, some of the islands are almost unreachable, which makes them even more thrilling for tourists.

Now do you want to go there yourself and experience the mesmerizing sunsets firsthand, but you don’t have enough money in your budget to do so? Don’t worry as we have all the tips you need in order to travel cheaply. Follow suit!


Before boarding the plane, make sure you do a little digging concerning the plane tickets. Some companies ask for more than others so be mindful of that in order to save a few bucks more.

Once you land, though, the real adventure begins with the fact that the only airport is in Port Blair, on the largest island. The problem here is that the beaches aren’t as special as on the other Andaman islands. That’s why it’s worth it to go for the most affordable option and take an auto-rickshaw, which costs around $1.2, to the jetty point. From there, you are free to choose your desired destination. For more valuable information you can visit also Exciting Andaman hope it will be helpful for your tour.

Some of the places to go to include Radhanagar Beach, which has one of the best beaches and is deep enough for swimming, and Havelock Island as it’s more advanced and developed than the rest.


You’d be surprised to hear that the food can be really cheap. There are restaurants in the resorts with huge portions that cost no more than $1.6. You can even ask for extra rice and they’ll fill your plate for free. Aside from this, those that are more inclined to being VIPs can go to more luxurious restaurants. But guess what? The price of dinner for two is around $13.


Unlike other exotic places, on the Andaman islands you can stay in rooms that cost between $8 and $16. Both beach huts and guest houses are available at a cheaper price and are recommended among tourists.

Of course, you can sleep at a luxurious hotel in a resort but you aren’t obliged to as these houses and huts are very clean, hospitable, and affordable. Not to mention that they offer a real taste of the island life.

A Final Word

Very often traveling abroad and plus to exotic destinations far away can be pricey. But that shouldn’t discourage you from planning your next trip to a location like that. You can still experience everything and have the time of your life with just a few bucks. Whether you’ll cut down on your accommodation or you’ll cut some transportation costs or opt out of activities which are less interesting to you, there are multiple ways for you to protect your budget.

What do you think? Would you go to the Andaman Islands on a budget? We’d like to read your opinion!

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7 Fun Andaman Islands Facts You Didn’t Know About




7 Fun Andaman Islands Facts You Didn’t Know About

Life can get stressful very often. That is why we look for amazing getaways which are far from our everyday lives, work, school, and other obligations. These are the places where we can be ourselves, relax, recharge our batteries and have fun.

The Andaman Islands represent one such getaway. Known as glistening pearls among a mesmerizing sea of blue, these islands bring something fresh to the game. From perfectly white beaches, cultural life and museums to lush forests, fantastic bays, and mind-blowing scenery, these islands have it all if you’re looking for an Exciting Andaman adventure and at the same time tranquil vacation.

So, let’s take a look at some fun facts about these islands. Relax and read on!

Seven Facts About the Andaman Islands

Even though these islands aren’t as known as let’s say Paris, Venice or London, there so many interesting things that are tied up to this wonderful destination. Here we’ll list some of the most eye-catching ones.

A Wrong Time Zone

Did you know that the Andaman Islands are in the wrong time zone? That’s right; their time zone is two hours later than they really are. Let’s illustrate this; when the clock states 4 AM, it’s morning. Work begins at 6 AM, and by the time the hands of the clock point to 8 AM, it feels as if a good part of the day has already gone by.

Permission to Stay

When tourists arrive at the Andaman Islands, they’re given official permits to stay on the islands. It’s very important not to lose yours or somehow damage it. So, keep it handy and well-protected.

Watch Out for the Elephants

After all those great things we said about these islands, you haven’t heard everything. There’s a plethora of gorgeous flora and fauna – including elephants. These huge and fun creatures can be easily spotted on the islands, but don’t let the excitement overwhelm you. Why? It’s because these animals can be dangerous. Don’t worry, it’s nothing personal. It’s just that they won’t take notice of you.

Two Queues

If you’re boarding a ferry, you’ll see that there are two queues. They’re separated by gender – one for women and one for men. It’s said that the one for men is longer.

 A Mythological Name

Have you wondered where does the name come from? It’s believed that Lord Hanuman landed on the islands while he was going to Lanka. So, the word ‘Andaman’ is a word in the Malay language forthe Hindu mythological figure – Lord Hanuman.

The Largest Turtle

The biggest sea turtle is right here. It’s called the Leatherback (or Dermochelyscoriacea).
So Many Butterflies
Lots and lots of butterflies have come to the Andaman Islands from the other neighboring islands. So prepare your camera for some beautiful pictures.

In Conclusion…

The Andaman Islands are truly magical with a unique culture and tradition all on its own. So, what do you make of it all? Have you ever been there or do you plan to? Tell us all about that!

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