Bedroom Makeover: How to choose the perfect Bedroom decor


Your bedroom is what makes you. It is a culmination of your personality, your thoughts, your ideas, and yourself. It is a reflection of who you are, and it is your shrine. It gives you peace of mind when you need it most, but for that, you need to make the extra effort to ensure that it stays neat and exclusive. No matter how big or small your room is, you can always make it that special space for you to enjoy and be comfortable in.

If you’re looking to give your bedroom a new makeover or searching for some tips to spruce up your room, then you can follow these steps to bring some life back into your bedroom.

Choose your color scheme.

Start off by thinking about what color pattern you would want your bedroom to reflect. Usually, subtle colors are recommended since this is going to your place to rest and relax. Go for gentle, soothing shades of blue, green, mauve and lavender than their brighter, more vibrant counterparts. Even colors that a bit deeper and toned down can give out calming effects, such as berry reds, chocolate browns, and topaz.

Avoid clutter in your bedroom.

This includes electronics as well. The less furniture you have in your room, the more space you will get and the more spacious you will feel it be. Restrict the amount of furniture in your room to just a bed, bedside table, a chair, a wardrobe and, if space permits, a small desk. Try to limit or ban electronics altogether from your bedroom, since it is proven that electronic gadgets will only interfere with your sleep patterns, resulting in restless sleep.

Keep handy storage spaces.

Find areas in your room you can convert to smart storage spaces. Places below the bed or above the wardrobe make excellent storage compartments. Nowadays you even get beds and desks and chairs with built-in storage. Shelves can also help store some of your smaller essentials on top. It’s a small investment to make but will help you keep your things in order.

Decorate your ceiling.

The ceiling is also a part of your room. You can decorate it any way you wish to. You can give it a gentle pattern, or paint it a different, lighter shade altogether. A lighter shaded ceiling will give off a lower and compact feel overall. You can attach wallpapers, give it a false ceiling, or hang lanterns or a canopy for your bed. There are many ways to make your ceiling as uniquely you as possible.

Choose your bedding.

You want your bed to be the most sacred space in your room, so you have to build it like one. The mattress and covers you choose will be the cornerstone in how you will spend your nights; peacefully or tossing around.

You can invest in a Dreamcloud mattress since they are as unique as they are state of the art. With gel memory foam blended under breathable coils and a cashmere blend euro top, you will never feel like you’re sleeping on a regular bed. 

Choose sheets that match the overall theme of your room to give it continuity. You can also choose linen with eccentric patterns to break the monotony. Just make sure to invest in superior quality bedding to give you the sleep and comfort you deserve.

Create your own personal space.

Make a small private nook in your room for some downtime. You can create one by placing a lounge bench next to the window, so not only can you wallow and catch up on some sun, but you can also get some quiet reading time as well. Just be sure not to stay up the whole night, engrossed in whatever you’re doing. If you feel too stressed or restless at night, you can calculate your total caffeine intake per day by using an online caffeine calculator. Maybe cutting down on caffeine will help you wind down better and faster.

Decorate your walls.

Make your bedroom as you as possible. Hang up paintings, portraits or photos that you cherish in simple frames to make your walls feel less empty. Place a pin-up board to take note of important dates and appointments. You can also replace this with a whiteboard to give you more things to write about. Pinup fancy lights to give your room a Boho feel.

Adorn your windows with the right curtains.

Light, airy curtains are apt if you want to let in some sunshine. This is defiantly better health wise and will make your room look more spacious and elegant than having blacked out windows. Have lighter colored curtains or curtains that you feel will match your room. Usually, white curtains are a more suited match to any sort of room regardless of the theme.

Invest in the perfect bedroom rug.

Choosing the right bedroom rug does not have to be a chore. Rugs are used to give the room an accent. There are many colored rugs in the market with different types of fabrics and of different cuts and lengths. You would mostly need to place them at the foot or sides of your bed, to keep your feet warm when you get up and off the bed. Choose one that compliments the closest shade to your walls and bed sheets. You can choose long stranded rugs or short-haired rugs, whatever suits your liking.

If you’re creative, you can even hang the rug up on your wall above your bed to give it a unique headboard look without an actual headboard.


Lighting speaks volumes about the ambiance of the room. Choose ambient lighting to light up the whole room, table lamps or reading lights for your reading purposes, and accent lights on the walls to give it a softer illumination. Small chandeliers and lanterns are also a great option to set the mood of your room. 

These are some of the basic tips if you want to give your room a makeover. Treat your bedroom as your own personal space, this will help you decorate it that same way.


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