Creative and Fabulous Kids Room Decor Ideas


It has nowadays become a standard to not just decorate your living room and kitchen exclusively, the two most popular places for visitors to check out when they drop by, but to also tag in bedrooms as well. We treat our bedroom as our own personal shrine, so it’s only fair that we design it as such. But one such room that usually goes unnoticed is the children’s room. It was far less concerning to design a growing kids room since they would eventually grow out of it and will serve no further purpose. But lately the tables have turned and parents are really looking into spending a couple of bucks to also include their child’s room as a part of their home, décor wise.

Designing a kid’s room is quite a challenging task since their moods change just as quickly as their room wallpapers. Designers have to be equally I tune with the little ones to know what tastes and colors suit their preferences. The growing up process has to be equally kept in mind, so it is challenging to find objects and colors that would seem timeless in this regard. Coming up are 11 kids room ideas to save you some trouble in finding out what is best for your child.

The Color Scheme:

Your best bet when it comes to choosing a color for your kid’s room, is to keep it neutral. Light grey, white, pale yellow, powder blue or peach are your best bets to not just keep the room gender neutral but to also keep it classic and timeless. Color also impacts certain benefits of sleep. It also plays an important role in your child’s attitude towards their room. If you want something that appeals to both, you and your child, then you cannot go wrong with neutral tones. The entire room doesn’t only have to be one color. You can leave a wall or two blank and fill the rest up, or you can keep one wall stripped, or inculcate two different complementary colors side by side to bring up interest, the list is endless. You can also hire a professional interior decorator to help you pick out the best color scheme to match your child’s mood, whether it be a boy or girl.

Use Decals and Wallpapers when needed:

Decals are an interesting way to give your child’s room more personality. There are tons of different decals to choose from in the market nowadays, and the best part is they can be removed and put away if your child does not prefer that same design all the time. They are cheap and affordable and can match your child’s mood in so many ways. Wallpapers play the same role but are a bit steeper when it comes to price. It is still a good investment to make if you want one or two of your walls to stand out more. You can even wallpaper your ceiling if you don’t want your child to get their hands or crayons on it. It adds more elegance and uniqueness to the whole room. 

Pay attention to storage:

Children need a lot of space not only to play but also to store their immeasurable playthings. It is a wise investment to look into wall storage, hidden storage, and cabinets for your child’s room. Not only will it an excellent kids room idea to make it look like there is a lot more space in the room, but will also make cleaning up very easy to do. Turn the bottom of your bed into a storage section or make a bench out of storage boxes, so once playtime is over they will have the space to put their stuff in. these are very versatile, as they can be used when they are grown up as well and is not very noticeable. You can invest or make your own shelves to keep books and other items that your child won’t always need.

The bed is where the mind rests:

After all the framing and coloring has been done, you will have to move on to the main attraction; the bed. Nothing else can frame a room better than to get the most comfortable bed and mattress that will help your child get the sleep they deserve after a long day of running around. You can design your own headboard with sturdy wood and soft cloth or cushions, or you can go the old fashioned way and buy one. Either way, you need a state of the art mattress to help your child travel to dreamland.

Nectar mattresses are one such amazing brand that promises just that. Their bedding is as soft as sleeping on a cloud. Their air regulated mattress keeps your child cool during warm summers and contours to their tiny bodies so they will wake up well rested. So you can be rest assured that they will get the full benefits of sleep they deserve.

For the child artist:

Set up little whiteboards or chalkboards for your kids if you don’t want them scribbling all over the walls. You can even buy a roll of paper sheets and hang them up on the wall for them to draw on. Or you can get an easel for your little artist. If they are exceptionally proud of their skills, you can frame them in colorful frames and hang them up as their own wall paintings.

Show off their DIYs:

Children are highly imaginative and creative beings, so it won’t come as a surprise when they try to make different things with household products. If there are really keen to put their skills to the test, you can get many DIY kits for kids at very nominal prices. This not just keeps them busy and out of your way, but later on, you can hang them up on their walls or shelves to add a bit more personality to the room. 

Lighting and lamps:

So it’s a rainy day and your child is stuck in his or her room. You can help lighten up the mood by hanging up pretty fairy lights or keep a reading lamp on their bed stand to keep them occupied. You can hang up colorful lanterns that you can make yourself from tiny bulbs and crepe paper, or you can stick multi-colored wall lamps that come in various shapes, sizes, and objects. Not only will this help brighten up the room, but lift their spirits as well.

Curtains or blinds?

You need to cover your child’s windows with something that matches the entire theme of the room. If they are past the toddler stage, then it is safe to go for curtains. They come in varying styles and colors, so your child can also pick one of their likings. You can also hang-wrap a thin curtain around your child’s bed for a design factor. Or if you want to keep things mess-free and need a little cleaning, then shutters or blinds will be your calling. They will also help keep the sun out more than a curtain.

Bunk beds are in:

If you have two kids who share a room, you can invest in space-saving bunk beds instead of having two beds that take up more space. The versatility of bunk beds is that the bottom bed can be converted to a makeshift table if one of your children has grown out of it or also if you have an only child. It is highly economical to get one of these.

Furniture to show off:

Your child’s room should be tastefully decorated with the appropriate furniture as well. Now that you have your bed and storage space figured out, you can utilize the rest of the space for a desk and some chairs. You can get some bean bags to add some color to the room and a place to sit if their friends come over. Placing a desk near the window will not just stop their boredom from staring at their books for so long, but will also look elegant and shed some natural light on their books while they are studying. 

Rugs or carpets:

Rugs and carpets are a style statement on its own. They add color to your kid’s room and is an excellent kid’s room idea to set it apart. You can go for completely carpeted floors but would require a bit more cleaning and maintenance, or you can keep a roll-up rug handy during play time. Either way, make sure the fabric used is of excellent quality and safety on a child’s skin. 

There are many more crafts and décor ideas that involve more of your and your child’s personal approach to the theme and outcome of their room. These few tips can help you kick start on planning to change your child’s room to something they will cherish throughout their life.


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