How to Entertain Your Toddler and Develop His/Her Skills

How to Entertain Your Toddler and Develop His Her Skills

Being a parent is the toughest, but the most rewarding job. The joy of watching your little one grow up by your side can’t be replaced with anything else in the world. However, the whole journey has its own challenges, some of the hardest ones happening during the early childhood when you have a toddler at home.

No matter how tired or busy parents are, the little ones demand his/her parents’ attention, leading to the necessity of activities to keep them entertained while stimulating their minds at the same time. While it may sound simple, in truth, toddlers aren’t easy to please at all, especially when it comes to keeping them indoors. That’s why parents need a few tricks up their sleeve.

Ready to find out which they are? Follow suit!

Play Games

Play Games

Toddlers love playing games. Not only that they keep them happy and occupied, but they have a positive effect on their brain, as well. So, you should show your own creativity here and come up with some exciting toddler games.

One of the most popular choices is, of course, hide and seek because it’s easy to play and makes your toddler aware of their surroundings. Parents should pick a place around the house where they or the toddler can hide and then try to find each other. It’s both fun and effective.

Then, there are the color and shape matching games where the little ones are required to guess which object goes where based on its color or form. These are accompanied by easy puzzles with huge pieces that the toddler can comprehend more easily.

Finally, there’s nothing like letting the child play with toys, like cars for instance, which they can drive around the house. To make it even more interesting and challenging for them you can create a track on the floor with tape and let them follow it with the car.

Make Crafts and Art

Make Crafts and Art

It’s a universal truth that children are way more creative than adults. So is there a better way to stimulate their wild imagination further than by engaging them in fun crafting activities? Toddlers, especially, love to get their hands busy and this will prove to be the perfect opportunity for that.

Some of the crafts and art pieces you can make with you loved one include the classics such as drawing as well as coloring, but you can take the things to the next level and include paper crafts. By that we mean cutting figures out of paper, making paper balls and even decorating them with pencils, markers or something of your and your toddler’s choosing.

What’s more, have you thought of clay and molding? Kids are super creative when it comes to clay as it gives them a chance to create something from basically nothing. Your child can make houses, cute-looking insects, geometrical shapes and a ton of other things. You can google a bit for inspiration. It helps with developing productiveness, too. A pro tip to consider is playing a baking game – your toddler makes cakes and other foods and, in the end, gives them to you.

A useful tip is to check YouTube; you’ll surely find great channels and helpful videos to boost your imagination and give you ideas you can easily use.

Read Books

Read Books

Books transport us all into new worlds, letting us discover a bunch of exciting stuff. This is very helpful for toddlers. Since they are just finding out about the world they live in, parents can teach them a lot of useful basic things by reading books to them.

Connected to this, bedtime stories are also recommended.

Final Words

Did you get an idea of how to keep your toddler busy and happy? Will you try any of these? Or you already do them? Share your experience with us!


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