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How to Validate Your Startup Idea: A Five-Step Plan



How to Validate Your Startup Idea

Startups are in abundance these days, and the good news is that it’s become much easier to find investment or other sources of funding, and put a team together. However, there is a pitfall that all too many founders find themselves falling for; they didn’t validate their idea before moving on to the next steps.

To validate a startup idea, we need to look from several perspectives:

  • How easy will it be to target my audience online using ads?
  • How much knowledge does a client need to have before he/she understands the startup idea?
  • How different is my product compared to others on the market?
  • How easily will I be able to generate non-paid traffic to my startup’s site?
  • How will my potential clients respond when they see my startup idea?

Answering these questions will give you a good base to start with, but in order to truly validate your startup plan what you really need to do is utilise research surveys. Conducting a short research survey on your startup idea will help you understand whether or not your idea is viable, and how to give it the best chance at success. You can then combine the research with the earlier questions, and you’ll have a clear picture going forward.

How to Validate Your Startup Idea

How to validate your startup idea using research surveys

Step 1:  Understand who:

  • your audience is (Webmaster, Sales Managers etc),
  • your market is (US, EU, ASIA),
  • your industry is (Retail, Healthcare, Technology)

Step 2: Gather Data! Normally, the best way to do a research survey is through email. For this, we’ll need to partner with a data vendor who will be able to provide:

  • Personal & Work Email Address
  • First & Last Name
  • Company Industry
  • Address
  • Job Title

Step 3: Find a Survey Platform. To have a successful research survey campaign, we need to make sure that the survey platform has these features:

  • Send surveys via email
  • 10+ Questions per survey
  • Anonymous Responses
  • Customized Branding
  • Filter and Compare
  • Survey Logic
  • Export Data

Step 4: Prepare the survey template for the research. The template should contain multiple types of questions, such as checklist, picklist, enter text, radio, etc. Here are some question ideas:

  • Question 1: Will my idea solve your problem regarding ……….
  • Question 2: Has any other company successfully solved your problem regarding ………
  • Question 3: Will the product price point be within your budget?
  • Question 4: Would you recommend this idea to your colleague or friend?
  • Question 5: Would you prefer the product to have a one time payment, or as a SaaS service?
  • Question 6: How much would you be willing to pay monthly if we promise that all of the features mentioned will be developed?
  • Question 7: How many of your colleagues will need to use this idea, or share the statistic & reports?
  • Question 8: How fast do you need the product to be live?
  • Question 9: Will the signup decision be more on product features, or because it has native integrations?
  • Question 10: If you have a website and/or a social network profile, would you be open to sharing our product with your friends, or maybe writing a guest post?

Step 5: Start the campaign. We have the the contact list, survey platform and survey questions. After the campaign is set up, let it run for at least 15 days in order to be sure that all contacts had the chance to take part.

If the survey receives fewer responses than you were hoping for, try to reschedule the survey campaign for one month later. If you still have few responses, then check with your data vendor on the data quality, and if needed ask for a data replacement. For a startup idea to gain value from its potential clients, we need to have at least 200 responses.

As a final note, validating a startup idea is essential for any startups who are serious about their goals and have a product which they believe will solve the most complex issues companies have. By conducting a survey as validation, startups will understand how their clients will come to view the product, how valuable it will be and how much demand there is likely to be for it.

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Why DIRECTV is Better Than Your Cable TV Provider




Shopping for a good and reliable TV service provider is not an easy task. There are numerous companies offering all kinds of plans, packages, features, and what not. It is not easy to go through each and every one of them to decide which plan you like the most. Of course, you can spend two weeks comparing the services from all the players in the market, collecting reviews and ratings from all sources online and offline, and shortlisting the service providers based on your preferences.

On the other hand, you can take the word of experts, who have done exactly these things and more, to zero in on the right service provider. After trying them all out, we have settled on DIRECTV as the best service provider in the market, far better than any player in the market today. Here are some facts that will help you realize what you are missing out if you are on the regular old cable connection.

Above The Limitations of Cable TV

The size of the cable used by cable providers is not enough for modern TV programming needs. Its limited size has a direct effect on the bandwidth, which in turn affects the quality of the picture received by the subscriber. But, when it comes to DIRECTV, there are no cables to limit the visual and auditory quality of TV entertainment delivered to you.

The service provider offers the best in technology when it comes to its equipment too. It is definitely better than your last cable connection and this insures that you enjoy your entertainment the best way possible – in true high definition, supplemented by superb audio quality.

The Entertainment is Better

The plans floated by DIRECTV include everything from the likes of HBO, ABC, Disney, and more such popular channels. New subscribers get loads of goodies from the service, including free installations, free premium channels for a limited period, free DVR for life, free HD channels for life, and a lot more.

With every pack, you also get access to loads of on-demand content, which is always better. Do not forget that with DIRECTV, you can enjoy all their TV programming from your mobile devices, which is a big milestone in itself.

Sports Lovers Have More Fun With It

If you are a sports lover, then you should sign up forDIRECTVright away. Why? Because it has more to offer than any other service. Like what you say? How about an exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET? You get access to every game, while enjoying your weekend, every single Sunday.

Then, there are the top matches of the season that you get to watch live. You also get access to RED ZONE CHANNEL and the FANTASY ZONE CHANNEL. As if all of this was not enough, you also get complete coverage of PGA Golf, MLS Soccer, and USTA Tennis.

That’s not all. With its exhaustive sports offerings, DIRECTV threw in one more perk.If more than one of your favorite NFL games is happening at the same time, here is what you do – you can play them all simultaneously. Yes, you can do that. In fact, you can watch eight such games simultaneously, in HD.

More Television, Less Fights

When families sit in front of the television screen, they may not necessarily agree on what they want to watch. The fight for the remote is real. But, with DIRECTV, everyone can actually win. How? DIRECTV brings to your home the magic of Genie, the HD DVR.

This single equipment will get rid of all the unseemly wires around your TV. You and your family can watch as many as 5 shows simultaneously on any device of your choosing.

Apart from this, Genie also comes with the bonus of record and saving up to 200 hours of entertainment in high definition. You can also watch some select shows that were broadcast in the last three days.

Further, the users get access to an extensive movie library, which features top movies. DIRECTV makes sure that you get to grab the most recent titles, for which DVDs have not been released yet.

Better Customer Service

When you are signing up for a service like DIRECTV, you are opting for a service that has been ranked Number One in terms of customer satisfaction multiple times. DIRECTV has not only beaten the good old cable companies, but its competitor satellite service, DISH, to reach this top spot.

This says a lot about this service. If the paying customers say that they are satisfied with a service, it means that not only the company has delivered on its promises, but has also maintained the quality throughout the time. They are also resolving customer issues as they come by, which is what DIRECTV is best known for.

For more information stay connect with us on

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Salon Management Software Can Help You Streamline Your Salon Business




It’s that time of the year again when the festivities are over, people have had fun,spent quality time with family and friends. It’s usually a busy time catching up with everybody and perhaps people are deprived of ‘me’ time. After all the festivities are over, while mentally people are thrilled to have met folks, friends, aunts, uncles and cousins – they end up looking like a wreck. They want to head straight to salon and spa to rejuvenate.

Why do salon and spa business owners struggle while managing day-to-day administrative tasks?

As a salon and spa owner, you often struggle with double bookings, no-shows, mismanaged reschedules and not assigning the desired professional. These struggles are draining for you and your business – you just end up spending a lot of money managing these day-to-day administrative tasks without enhancing your walk-ins and business.

As a salon and spa business owner, you wish to make the most of this time. You want to take maximum bookings and enhance your number of walk-ins. It’s a busy time for you and you wish that there was a way to efficiently manage your bookings, schedule your appointments, remind your customers of upcoming appointments, add walk-ins and use POS feature to sell your services and products.

What is the wishlist for every salon and spa business owner?

You want these tasks to be managed efficiently but also be managed at a reasonable price.

You have the following on your wish list:

  • Get more bookings or appointments
  • Remind people of their appointment
  • Update schedule as per cancelations
  • Get your appointment and scheduling more organized

You perhaps hired a manager to do the above-mentioned tasks but not only is it costing you money but there are misses and inefficiencies. What you need is the right tool that is cost-effective, efficient, professional and helps you put your business on the fast track of growth.

Some benefits of using a salon and spa management software with powerful features

  • Saves time

When you have your customers book appointments via a salon and spa management software that helps you schedule and reschedule appointments and manage cancelations, you save a considerable amount of time that otherwise goes into appointment scheduling.

  • Available around the clock

Humans have the limitation of being available within limited time frame. Whereas technology has the ability of being available around the clock. Customers feel comfortable to call in at any time of the day to make an appointment as per their convenience and not depend on a time when an appointment can be scheduled.

  • Automatic appointment reminders

 No-shows are the biggest challenge for salon owners. With automatic appointment reminders, you don’t have to worry about prompting the customers of the impending appointment. Automatic email and text messages are sent to customers and the chances for no-shows can be reduced.

  • Decreased overhead costs

The salon and spa software alone can manage all the important aspects of the business. You can have an efficient management of appointments and assignment of the appointments. The need for manual work reduces considerably.

  • More organized way of working

When you manage appointments manually, there are haphazard appointments, confusion and chaos, problematic situations. With a salon software, your entire working becomes more systematic and organized.

Here is a FREE Salon Management App to help manage your salon

Welcome by SalesVu is a free waitlist and appointment management app that is available for free. It is available for beauty salons designed to increase your customer base and enhance your customer experience with superior services. You can configure your floor plans with chair rooms and Scalli stations into the app. This will help you update your customers with a waiting time as your customers arrive. You can add style preferences and services as the customers arrive. The app also allows you to save customer information and ensure that you don’t miss out on your loyal customers as you can select them from the list and add new customers easily. You can notify customers of their stations and seat them immediately as the stations get free. The app allows you to schedule appointments and lets you publish a reservation widget on your website. As soon as the customer makes an appointment, it gets added on the app. The app can also manage cancellations and last-minute cancelation penalties. It gives a calendar view to the customer for the month and week.

‘Welcome’ has complete Point of Sale functionality and offers all the advanced functionality to give your business a boost.

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What Are Major Professional Sports Leagues and Why They Are Very Popular Around the World




What Are Major Professional Sports Leagues and Why They Are Very Popular Around the World

Just like in all countries in the world, sportsare a huge deal in the United States and Canada, too. Whether it’s because of the teamwork, the favorite players, the drama, the social aspect of it or something else entirely, people – both male and female – love watching and talking about sports.

And in these two specific countries, sports are closely related to the major professional sports leagues. If you’re wondering what that is or it’s lying just at the tip of your tongue, don’t worry, because today it’s all about these major pro leagues. So, follow us!

Four Sports, a lot of balls and stuff

What Are Professional Sports Leagues?

Simply put, these are the biggest competitions and the most professional ones. All players bring their A game which often results in fantastic matches which are a pure delight to watch and follow. It’s interesting to point out that not all sports have their own pro leagues.

What’s more, in the USA and Canada, the major leagues are National Basketball Association, National Football League, Major League Baseball, and National Hockey League. They make up the ‘Big 4’ as people usually refer to them. Some of the other notable leagues include the Canadian Football League as well as Major League Soccer and others.

Fun fact – the ‘Big Four’ together with the English Premier League are the top five sports leagues when you measure revenue on the planet. So, you get how important they are.

Each league has around thirty teams each, so sometimes it can be hard to follow if you aren’t a devoted sports fan. Luckily, you can catch up by watching some important matches, the ones where your favorite team plays, checking the highlights on sites like Fox Sports, CBS Sports and others.


Did you know that the NBA had a different name when it was established in 1946? It was the Basketball Association of America. It got its current name just three years later and it stuck. The NBA audiences include fans from the USA as well as international fans as the matches are broadcast worldwide.

It’s interesting to note that the players in the NBA are the planet’s best-paid athletes by average yearly salary per individual. Imagine that kind of motivation!


Even older than the NBA, the football pro league was founded in the ‘20s. This league is by far the most popular one in the States according to the TV ratings as well as the merchandise sold.

A highlight event is the Super Bowl which is the most viewed sports event in the States. That’s the finale of the league and it’s a huge affair attended by celebrities. The halftime show is also an awesome aspect of the Super Bowl.


It’s baseball played on the highest and most professional level. Currently, there are thirty teams – twenty-nine in the USA and only one in Canada.


This league actually originates in Canada and it has immense popularity in some major U.S. cities. Most of these states are north and close to the Canadian border. Naturally, it has more Canadian teams than U.S. ones.

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How to Entertain Your Toddler and Develop His/Her Skills




How to Entertain Your Toddler and Develop His Her Skills

Being a parent is the toughest, but the most rewarding job. The joy of watching your little one grow up by your side can’t be replaced with anything else in the world. However, the whole journey has its own challenges, some of the hardest ones happening during the early childhood when you have a toddler at home.

No matter how tired or busy parents are, the little ones demand his/her parents’ attention, leading to the necessity of activities to keep them entertained while stimulating their minds at the same time. While it may sound simple, in truth, toddlers aren’t easy to please at all, especially when it comes to keeping them indoors. That’s why parents need a few tricks up their sleeve.

Ready to find out which they are? Follow suit!

Play Games

Play Games

Toddlers love playing games. Not only that they keep them happy and occupied, but they have a positive effect on their brain, as well. So, you should show your own creativity here and come up with some exciting toddler games.

One of the most popular choices is, of course, hide and seek because it’s easy to play and makes your toddler aware of their surroundings. Parents should pick a place around the house where they or the toddler can hide and then try to find each other. It’s both fun and effective.

Then, there are the color and shape matching games where the little ones are required to guess which object goes where based on its color or form. These are accompanied by easy puzzles with huge pieces that the toddler can comprehend more easily.

Finally, there’s nothing like letting the child play with toys, like cars for instance, which they can drive around the house. To make it even more interesting and challenging for them you can create a track on the floor with tape and let them follow it with the car.

Make Crafts and Art

Make Crafts and Art

It’s a universal truth that children are way more creative than adults. So is there a better way to stimulate their wild imagination further than by engaging them in fun crafting activities? Toddlers, especially, love to get their hands busy and this will prove to be the perfect opportunity for that.

Some of the crafts and art pieces you can make with you loved one include the classics such as drawing as well as coloring, but you can take the things to the next level and include paper crafts. By that we mean cutting figures out of paper, making paper balls and even decorating them with pencils, markers or something of your and your toddler’s choosing.

What’s more, have you thought of clay and molding? Kids are super creative when it comes to clay as it gives them a chance to create something from basically nothing. Your child can make houses, cute-looking insects, geometrical shapes and a ton of other things. You can google a bit for inspiration. It helps with developing productiveness, too. A pro tip to consider is playing a baking game – your toddler makes cakes and other foods and, in the end, gives them to you.

A useful tip is to check YouTube; you’ll surely find great channels and helpful videos to boost your imagination and give you ideas you can easily use.

Read Books

Read Books

Books transport us all into new worlds, letting us discover a bunch of exciting stuff. This is very helpful for toddlers. Since they are just finding out about the world they live in, parents can teach them a lot of useful basic things by reading books to them.

Connected to this, bedtime stories are also recommended.

Final Words

Did you get an idea of how to keep your toddler busy and happy? Will you try any of these? Or you already do them? Share your experience with us!

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