How to Visit the Andaman Islands on a Budget


Andaman islands have become a very exciting location for people that love nature and exotic surroundings. With their long sandy beaches, crystal waters, and wild forests, these islands represent a sanctuary for adventurers from all over the world.

However, if they don’t know the real picture, people may consider these islands as extremely expensive. This is due to the fact that they are located as far as the Eastern Indian Ocean and are very remote. In fact, some of the islands are almost unreachable, which makes them even more thrilling for tourists.

Now do you want to go there yourself and experience the mesmerizing sunsets firsthand, but you don’t have enough money in your budget to do so? Don’t worry as we have all the tips you need in order to travel cheaply. Follow suit!


Before boarding the plane, make sure you do a little digging concerning the plane tickets. Some companies ask for more than others so be mindful of that in order to save a few bucks more.

Once you land, though, the real adventure begins with the fact that the only airport is in Port Blair, on the largest island. The problem here is that the beaches aren’t as special as on the other Andaman islands. That’s why it’s worth it to go for the most affordable option and take an auto-rickshaw, which costs around $1.2, to the jetty point. From there, you are free to choose your desired destination. For more valuable information you can visit also Exciting Andaman hope it will be helpful for your tour.

Some of the places to go to include Radhanagar Beach, which has one of the best beaches and is deep enough for swimming, and Havelock Island as it’s more advanced and developed than the rest.


You’d be surprised to hear that the food can be really cheap. There are restaurants in the resorts with huge portions that cost no more than $1.6. You can even ask for extra rice and they’ll fill your plate for free. Aside from this, those that are more inclined to being VIPs can go to more luxurious restaurants. But guess what? The price of dinner for two is around $13.


Unlike other exotic places, on the Andaman islands you can stay in rooms that cost between $8 and $16. Both beach huts and guest houses are available at a cheaper price and are recommended among tourists.

Of course, you can sleep at a luxurious hotel in a resort but you aren’t obliged to as these houses and huts are very clean, hospitable, and affordable. Not to mention that they offer a real taste of the island life.

A Final Word

Very often traveling abroad and plus to exotic destinations far away can be pricey. But that shouldn’t discourage you from planning your next trip to a location like that. You can still experience everything and have the time of your life with just a few bucks. Whether you’ll cut down on your accommodation or you’ll cut some transportation costs or opt out of activities which are less interesting to you, there are multiple ways for you to protect your budget.

What do you think? Would you go to the Andaman Islands on a budget? We’d like to read your opinion!


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