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Privacy Policy

At Tapitata, privacy and security while browsing online is an absolute priority. All doubts and concerns users may have regarding this matter are taken seriously and dealt with at once. Therefore, in this privacy policy, we openly present the ways we collect user’s details, how we utilize them and what we do to ensure the safety of our users. This is done mainly to give you an opportunity to make the right decision when it comes to giving away your personal information on this site.

Information You Share

In case you want to willingly give us your personal details, we will collect them and use them. To elaborate, the moment you do something while browsing Tapitata like subscribing or filling out some forms, there is a possibility that you share identification details, including your full name, date of birth, email, and others.

Not to forget, everyone can access and collect your details if you put them on forum threads and discussions. Moreover, unless you want to make the information publicly available don’t share them on the site.

Automatically Collected Details from Users

Information like operating system details, IP address, data regarding the device, system settings, clickstream details, and others similar to them that are not viewed as personal can get picked up by us, third-parties, and sellers when you come to Tapitata.

Sites do this with the help of cookies, which are small files able to keep information. If you don’t want them to pick up what you share, you can disable them. But bear in mind that because of this you may lose access to certain features and options that are offered by the site. Aside from these, we take advantage of web beacons, as well. With them, we are able to control the automatic collection of your information since they act as links between servers and pages. They allow us to count the number of people that came to our site, see what they clicked on, analyze where on the site they went and stuff like that.

Another collector of data may be social media sharing buttons put by third-parties. Furthermore, you should head over to their policies in order to see how they use your details.

Usage of the Provided Information

For starters, we utilize your email address for replying to you if you have any queries. Among the other purposes are:

  • Answering requests submitted through the comments or threads
  • Lead users to pages on Tapitata that they like to explore
  • Giving user support
  • Implementing fresh features and improving the experience of the users even further
  • Answering all legal requests that may arise
  • Protecting users from unwanted liabilities and frauds

You have a few options to act upon the usage of your personal details. They include unsubscribing from our mailing list as well as blocking the cookies and beacons. However, these may lead to you being left out of specific features and the latest news connected to the topics discussed on the site.

What We Do to Keep Your Personal Information Safe

To prevent illegal and unauthorized access, usage, collection, destruction, and loss of details, we incorporate physical, administrative, and technical guards. However, it’s not possible to achieve complete security, you should be aware of the risk that follows your online posting and sharing of information.

Linking to Third-Parties

We attain the right to link to third parties that may gather your details. Since they include the way they use them in their privacy policies, we recommend reading through them. Moreover, we shouldn’t be held responsible for what isn’t in our possession.

Staying Posted on Changes to This Privacy Policy

From time to time, we may update our policy so that we can show you changes in the way we collect information and use it. Because of this, it’s advisable for you to come back to this policy often.

Reaching Us

If you have any questions regarding your security or anything that’s written in this policy, feel free to reach out by sending us an email.

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