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Salon Management Software Can Help You Streamline Your Salon Business



It’s that time of the year again when the festivities are over, people have had fun,spent quality time with family and friends. It’s usually a busy time catching up with everybody and perhaps people are deprived of ‘me’ time. After all the festivities are over, while mentally people are thrilled to have met folks, friends, aunts, uncles and cousins – they end up looking like a wreck. They want to head straight to salon and spa to rejuvenate.

Why do salon and spa business owners struggle while managing day-to-day administrative tasks?

As a salon and spa owner, you often struggle with double bookings, no-shows, mismanaged reschedules and not assigning the desired professional. These struggles are draining for you and your business – you just end up spending a lot of money managing these day-to-day administrative tasks without enhancing your walk-ins and business.

As a salon and spa business owner, you wish to make the most of this time. You want to take maximum bookings and enhance your number of walk-ins. It’s a busy time for you and you wish that there was a way to efficiently manage your bookings, schedule your appointments, remind your customers of upcoming appointments, add walk-ins and use POS feature to sell your services and products.

What is the wishlist for every salon and spa business owner?

You want these tasks to be managed efficiently but also be managed at a reasonable price.

You have the following on your wish list:

  • Get more bookings or appointments
  • Remind people of their appointment
  • Update schedule as per cancelations
  • Get your appointment and scheduling more organized

You perhaps hired a manager to do the above-mentioned tasks but not only is it costing you money but there are misses and inefficiencies. What you need is the right tool that is cost-effective, efficient, professional and helps you put your business on the fast track of growth.

Some benefits of using a salon and spa management software with powerful features

  • Saves time

When you have your customers book appointments via a salon and spa management software that helps you schedule and reschedule appointments and manage cancelations, you save a considerable amount of time that otherwise goes into appointment scheduling.

  • Available around the clock

Humans have the limitation of being available within limited time frame. Whereas technology has the ability of being available around the clock. Customers feel comfortable to call in at any time of the day to make an appointment as per their convenience and not depend on a time when an appointment can be scheduled.

  • Automatic appointment reminders

 No-shows are the biggest challenge for salon owners. With automatic appointment reminders, you don’t have to worry about prompting the customers of the impending appointment. Automatic email and text messages are sent to customers and the chances for no-shows can be reduced.

  • Decreased overhead costs

The salon and spa software alone can manage all the important aspects of the business. You can have an efficient management of appointments and assignment of the appointments. The need for manual work reduces considerably.

  • More organized way of working

When you manage appointments manually, there are haphazard appointments, confusion and chaos, problematic situations. With a salon software, your entire working becomes more systematic and organized.

Here is a FREE Salon Management App to help manage your salon

Welcome by SalesVu is a free waitlist and appointment management app that is available for free. It is available for beauty salons designed to increase your customer base and enhance your customer experience with superior services. You can configure your floor plans with chair rooms and Scalli stations into the app. This will help you update your customers with a waiting time as your customers arrive. You can add style preferences and services as the customers arrive. The app also allows you to save customer information and ensure that you don’t miss out on your loyal customers as you can select them from the list and add new customers easily. You can notify customers of their stations and seat them immediately as the stations get free. The app allows you to schedule appointments and lets you publish a reservation widget on your website. As soon as the customer makes an appointment, it gets added on the app. The app can also manage cancellations and last-minute cancelation penalties. It gives a calendar view to the customer for the month and week.

‘Welcome’ has complete Point of Sale functionality and offers all the advanced functionality to give your business a boost.

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