Your bedroom should make you feel like you are living in a luxurious hotel. And what better way to do that than to revamp your bedroom to look like one. At the end of a tiring day, you would want nothing more than to curl up under your sheets and get the rest and relaxation you deserve. Now you can get the rest you need and also make your room look really classy and elegant and as comfy as it can be. If you’re looking for a change or ideas to inculcate into your bedroom, then here are some bedroom design ideas to satisfy your imagination and give your room the decor it needs.

Start with your bed.

The first place you will fall into needs the most remodeling to make it extra comfy. Swap your cotton sheets for linen sheets instead. It is a bit steep investment-wise but will make your bed look like luxury and also has the properties of keeping you warm during winters and cool during the summers. Wash and iron your linen to give it a crisp, well-polished feel to your bed. Mix a little of your favorite essential oil, preferably lavender or rose, in a small spray bottle filled with distilled water, and spray it directly on your sheets to give you that calming, luxurious scent while you drift away. White sheets are more calming on the mind than colored sheets. Plain white sheets also have properties of making the bed look bigger than it is. If you need to add some color, throw in some colored cushions and include a neutral throw sheet or an oversized knit sheet over your covers. If you’re feeling extra fancy, throw in a faux fur blanket to break the monotony and give your bed some character.

Choose your mattress.

There is a variety of mattress to choose from in store. You can drop by your local hardware and bedding store to check out what is latest in the market. One such company you can try is Nectar. Nectar is the leading manufacturer to use gel memory foam in their mattresses, so it claims to contour against your body while you sleep, and it is most beneficial if you’re a side sleeper. Their Tencel cooling cover is softer and better at absorbing more moisture than regular cotton mattresses. So, choose a mattress that will help you sleep better so you won’t wake up with a bad ache or stiff neck.

Accentuate the best feature of your room.

If you have tall windows or a beautiful ceiling or well-made floors, accentuate any single feature of your room to make it extra unique. For example, you can hang ceiling to floor curtains to emphasize your windows. You can even keep a differently shaded curtain to make it look different from the rest of the room. If you have a wide, high ceiling, you can give it an artistic touch with the designer paint job or fixing a false ceiling to make it look double; bigger and elegant than a plain ceiling. For your floors, you can keep a throw rug or keep it bare and well-polished if you want to show it off. You can also decorate your door frames with wallpapers or decals to give it definition and style.

Choose a color scheme.

Go for peaceful, neutral colors for your walls such as baby pink, pale blue, beige, cream, tan, light yellow or pastel green, and white. Avoid dark colors since it will make your room look smaller and cramped and won’t give you as much peace of mind. The lighter the color, the bigger the room will look and, psychologically, will give you peace and relaxation. Light colored rooms give it more dimension and depth without overpowering it.  You can also add textured colors, such as wallpapers or a suede shade, or fancy alpaca pillows to break the flatness.

Highlight the room with little luxurious trinkets.

Your bedroom does not only have to depend on the color of the room and the way the bed looks. Adding little accessories also help to bring out the cozy side of it. You can keep a crystal drinking glass and pitcher on your bedside table to bring out a sense of luxury and comfort. Add some little tea candle holders that come in a variety of shapes and colors. You can light scented candles in the evening to give your space a very romantic feel. Some popular scents you can purchase are fig, citrus, floral, linen, ocean, sandalwood, firewood, and cedar scents.  You can also place a potpourri of dried, scented flowers in a fancy glass vase to give your room a more relaxing touch. Do not underestimate the effects of a live plant in your room. Not only are they beneficial for your health and wellbeing, but they are also seen as a novelty and really brings the room some character. You can either keep hanging potted plants or place them around your bedside or near the window. Plants with flowers look exceptionally beautiful and really lights up the room. 

Make your room feel personal.

Design your room in such a way that it feels lived in. add your own personal touches to your bedroom. Make it as you as possible. You can do this by adding in items that will light up your mood or bring a smile to your face every time you wake up. It could be well-placed photographs in vintage frames or a personal painting. You can hang them up on your walls to not make it look so empty. It does not have to be many photos, it could be just a few or it can be a college. Your favorite bunch of flowers next to your bed can also invoke happy thoughts, as can personal art pieces as well. Make sure that they are spaced out and does not clutter up the room.

Here were some bedroom design ideas to ensure that you have a stunningly beautiful bedroom to come home to at the end of your day.


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