What Are Major Professional Sports Leagues and Why They Are Very Popular Around the World

What Are Major Professional Sports Leagues and Why They Are Very Popular Around the World

Just like in all countries in the world, sportsare a huge deal in the United States and Canada, too. Whether it’s because of the teamwork, the favorite players, the drama, the social aspect of it or something else entirely, people – both male and female – love watching and talking about sports.

And in these two specific countries, sports are closely related to the major professional sports leagues. If you’re wondering what that is or it’s lying just at the tip of your tongue, don’t worry, because today it’s all about these major pro leagues. So, follow us!

Four Sports, a lot of balls and stuff

What Are Professional Sports Leagues?

Simply put, these are the biggest competitions and the most professional ones. All players bring their A game which often results in fantastic matches which are a pure delight to watch and follow. It’s interesting to point out that not all sports have their own pro leagues.

What’s more, in the USA and Canada, the major leagues are National Basketball Association, National Football League, Major League Baseball, and National Hockey League. They make up the ‘Big 4’ as people usually refer to them. Some of the other notable leagues include the Canadian Football League as well as Major League Soccer and others.

Fun fact – the ‘Big Four’ together with the English Premier League are the top five sports leagues when you measure revenue on the planet. So, you get how important they are.

Each league has around thirty teams each, so sometimes it can be hard to follow if you aren’t a devoted sports fan. Luckily, you can catch up by watching some important matches, the ones where your favorite team plays, checking the highlights on sites like Fox Sports, CBS Sports and others.


Did you know that the NBA had a different name when it was established in 1946? It was the Basketball Association of America. It got its current name just three years later and it stuck. The NBA audiences include fans from the USA as well as international fans as the matches are broadcast worldwide.

It’s interesting to note that the players in the NBA are the planet’s best-paid athletes by average yearly salary per individual. Imagine that kind of motivation!


Even older than the NBA, the football pro league was founded in the ‘20s. This league is by far the most popular one in the States according to the TV ratings as well as the merchandise sold.

A highlight event is the Super Bowl which is the most viewed sports event in the States. That’s the finale of the league and it’s a huge affair attended by celebrities. The halftime show is also an awesome aspect of the Super Bowl.


It’s baseball played on the highest and most professional level. Currently, there are thirty teams – twenty-nine in the USA and only one in Canada.


This league actually originates in Canada and it has immense popularity in some major U.S. cities. Most of these states are north and close to the Canadian border. Naturally, it has more Canadian teams than U.S. ones.